Moon Chair

Folding Papasan Chair

What is a Moon Chair?

First, we need to discuss what a papasan chair is. The papasan chair goes by many different names: disc, mamasan, and bowl chair are just a few of them.

Papasan chairs are stylish, comfortable, and flexible – they are easier to move and position for your comfort. Some papasan chairs (the “foldable” type) can be put in a carrying case if you want to use it for outdoor activities like camping or concerts.

The traditional papasan chair is bowl-shaped with a cushion on top, and it sits on top of an upright frame that allows the bowl to be adjusted to different angles.  This can allow the person seated to adjust to the chair to specific comfort needs, but it can also be dangerous as the bowl can slip out of the frame.

The cushion most often used in these chairs is similar to that of a futon – a thick cloth material stuffed with cotton.  The frame of the chair is most often made of rattan, but more expensive versions use wicker or wood.

Non-traditional types of papasan chairs are called “moon chairs” and have a single frame made from plastic or metal. The frames of these chairs are collapsible and usually come with a carrying case. Because these chairs are often used for outdoor activities, the cushion is made from tougher material and is sometimes water-resistant. Also, the cushion is usually thinner and lighter to allow for easier transport.

One of the common complaints about moon chairs is that there’s no place to rest your feet, but fortunately, some moon chairs come with matching ottomans. These are collapsible just like the main chair and will fit in the same carrying case.  Other optional features include a built-in head rest or throw pillows. Moon chairs covers can also be purchased if you want to be able to change the style or make the chair water-resistant.

Moon chairs are also seen in college dorms or studio apartments because they are easily moved or stored away when extra spaced is need. They’re also inexpensive compared to traditional recliners, so they are suitable for the young person that needs a comfortable place to sit without breaking the bank. Moon chairs are available in a wide variety of colors and materials and can be found at most major retailers.

Kids Especially Love Having a Moon Chair

If you are looking for an inexpensive piece of furniture for your kid that is durable, easy to move, and comfortable to boot, consider purchasing a

kids moon chair. Traditionally moon chairs are large, folding papasan chairs, consisting of a large cushion for sitting, and a folding base that can collapse for easy storage. Because of the portability and fun factor of the chairs, kid’s moon chairs have become progressively more in style.

Kid’s rooms can be hard to furnish because kids like to move stuff around. For instance if your kid has a friend over and they want to watch TV, or play a game, it would be a hassle to move a full recliner into position. Moon chairs solve these problems by both acting as an impromptu chair, and they are attractive enough to act as a full time piece of furniture, which is a nice alternative to expensive kids bedroom sets, which often don’t age well and will wear quickly with a rambunctious kid.

The chairs are also extremely durable. The cushions are made out of heavy duty cotton fabric that is nearly impossible to tear. The bases are made out of either steel or reinforced plastic which allows the base to bend without breaking. Even if by some strange chance your kid does happen to break the moon chair, they are inexpensive enough to be easily replaced. The chairs are also about as easy to setup as a folding lawn chair, even the youngest kids will be able to figure out how to use them because there is virtually no assembly required.

Children’s moon chairs only differ from the normal moon chair in size. This is nice because it makes them very easy to store when they are not being used. Another nice function of kids’ moon chairs is to use them as extra seating for when you have a large number of little guests over. For instance it is nice to keep a couple in the closet, and when your kid has a birthday party or sleepover, break out 4 moon chairs for extra stylish, comfortable, lounge seating.

The chairs make great birthday and Christmas gifts for kids, or even better for parents.  Parents will appreciate the extra seating and the break from purchasing expensive furniture, and the kids love the bright colored, comfy cushions and the uniqueness of them. Children’s and kids’ moon chairs are best ordered online, or you can likely find them at trendy furniture places.